Want to play at High Cotton?
Booking inquiries are welcomed!

We are always looking for bands to fill our calendar, and we receive a lot of inquiries.  Look over our website, check out our past and future shows, and read about our mission. If you think that your band is a good fit for High Cotton, send us your Electronic Press Kit

and that will get the ball rolling.

Your EPK should, at a minimum, contain:

  • recordings of at least two of your songs
  • link to your best videos - at least one should be a live performance
  • a description of your band and why your show would be a hit at HCMH
  • a succinct & accurate description of your sound using genre terms or comparisons to other bands
  • photos & links to social media accounts and website

Also include a particular date or window of time during which you're hoping to schedule, and your plans for promoting your show (if booked) via social media, flyers, posters, etc.

And please be patient with us. We get a lot of emails and do our best to reply to them all!

Email required information to: